Caffeine - BPEL

Caffeine is an academic project supported by the Cumbia group at Universidad de Los Andes. This project is built under the precepts of the Cumbia project, which it's intention is to structure a software factory for applications that have a strong control component. This means applications that involve multiple information domains and applications that execute multiple tasks at the same time.

At the same time with the “workflow engine factory” approach, it is possible to build workflow engines at low cost, easily and faster.

More specifically, Caffeine is a BPEL engine that was built to test previously mention characteristics and also test the reuse and extesibility ability of Cumbia-XPM.

Caffeine is composed by 4 projects.

Other info

  • Overview of the case study pdf

Full documents (in spanish)

Daniel Romero: Modelos ejecutables extensibles como activos en una fábrica de motores de workflow: caso BPEL (pdf)

Manuel Muñoz: Motor de aspectos que resuelve interferencias basado en Cumbia : caso BPEL (pdf)