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PaperXpress is a tool that assists groups of people who want to write investigation articles in a collaborative way. This application is intended to experiment, analize and conclude the software construction model that Cumbia proposes.

More specifically, paperXpress is a tool that supports the process of writing an article in groups of people, and it is capable of doing the following:

Design the article structure: Before the beginning of the article writing process, the user must create a primary structure of the elements that compound that structure.

Define the groups of people who will interact in the writing process: Before the beginning of the article writing process, the user must define the groups of people that will interact in the process. For example, he can define a group for the writers and a group for the reviewers, each one of them with specific roles within the process.

Design a set of activites depending on the article structure which result ends in the finished article: A user can design a set of activities within a writing process, having in mind an article structure, a set of groups of people and some time limits.

Inititate a process instance: A user can initiate an instance of any given process that had been defined previously.

Reconfigure a previously initiated process instance: In any moment, the user can change the article structure. This leads to a change in the whole writing process.

See my activities: A user can see the activities that have been assigned to him. At the same time, he can report its finalization.

Modify the article: A user can modify a section of the article. This section is related with the activity that has been assigned to him.

PaperXpress is built under a software factory for workflow-based applications. This software factory is based on the model that Cumbia proposes and includes a set of assets and a composition mechanism called Cumbia XAM. Four assets were defined, each one of them representing a domain in the paperXpress application.

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